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    Hanzhoung entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued the first ECFA certificate

    2015/10/27 15:30
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    Hanzhoung Bureau issued the first ECFA certificate of origin
    Quan Xiaolong,07,26,2011
      Recently,Hanzhoung Bureau issued the first cross-strait economic cooperation framework agreement(ECFA)certificate of origin.The ECFA certificate by the Shaanxi Tianhan Biologic Technology Co., apply for,export goods to Taiwan for the ethyl maltol,the value of$44400,enterprises have the view that although the export value is not high,but opened the company to the beginning of Taiwan's export goods,goods enjoying preferential tariff at the same time,the enterprises of both sides to achieve the mutual win.
      To enable enterprises to fully enjoy the benefits of ECFA to promote the development of cross-strait trade in the ECFA certificate signed information release,Hanzhoung Bureau visa personnel to learn about the policy requirements,familiar with the operation procedures,compared to the list of products within the area of export Taiwan list of products to the point of the pre publicity,so that enterprises in time to grasp the policy trends,and achieved positive results,Taiwan importers are also recognized in the timely and accurate ECFA certificate of origin.In the enterprise application for ECFA certificate of origin,the Bureau of business personnel to actively inform the enterprise shall perform the relevant procedures,to help enterprises solve the difficulties and problems,to ensure the timely issuance of certificates.Previously,the company also applied for 3 copies of the relevant products of Vietnam E FORM certificate of origin,also enjoy preferential tariff treatment,and ECFA certificate of origin,which is the first issue of China-ASEAN regional preferential certificate of origin.According to the ECFA agreement and other preferential policies for export enterprises,the Council will further strengthen the promotion and support efforts,and effectively protect the enterprise to make good use of the preferential policies.