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  • Taking the development of China's food industry as its own duty

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    How we should respond to the challenges of food additives

    2005/08/17 16:30
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      It is understood that the regulatory authorities will be announced to the community,the food may be illegal to add non food substances and easy to abuse of food additives list,in order to facilitate the social and public supervision and follow-up survey.If found illegal to add non food substances act suspected of crime,the regulatory authorities will immediately notify the local public security organs to investigate and deal with.So,what is the true nature of food additives in life?
      Food additives are filled with people's daily life
      In the supermarket,can often see this kind of propaganda:"soft to can bounce back";"soft as silk";"unparalleled crispy"......
      Consumers conquer these seductive languages,so readily buy.In fact,the wonderful taste of food no case from the field of food additives.Both sweet and sour candy,Shannon snacks,or crisp biscuit and soft cake,is a masterpiece of food additives.
      There are also a number of food advertising:This product contains no preservatives;this product does not contain artificial colors;this product does not contain flavor"......Consumers are happy to put them in the shopping basket.In fact,these foods do not contain preservatives,does not necessarily contain antioxidants;does not contain pigment,does not contain preservatives;does not contain fragrance,nor is it without other additives,such as non-additive.
      Associate professor of food science and Nutritional Engineering,China Agricultural University,Fan Zhihong believes that in fact,large-scale modern food industry,is built on the basis of food additives.Because consumers have the appearance of food quality,taste quality,convenience,save time and other aspects of the harsh requirements,so it is almost impossible to produce in accordance with the family approach.If you really do not add food additives,I am afraid that most of the food will be ugly,terrible,to save,or the price is high,consumers are unacceptable.
      Every day to eat into one hundred kinds of food additives
      In Beijing Xinfadi thousands of square meters of"North Xiaguang supermarket food additives",simple shelves stocked with 2000 kinds of food additives.According to the person in charge of the person in charge here,their company in the country's additive industry is also ranked number.
      "In fact,our life,simply can not do without food additives."Mr.Zhang said,every person has to eat every day hundreds of food additives."
      "In a bag,there are more than 20 kinds of additives.To the bakery,the formula is more complex,there are dozens of flavors.If it is the bread and butter,cream vendors have been added to the antioxidants,pigments,and so on,you re analysis following a packet of powder,improver certainly is unavoidable.So a loaf of bread is made from beginning to end,and is estimated to be 50 to 100 kinds of additives."Mr.Zhang took a piece of bread and said,"such as a cup of bright color fruit juice.The basic ingredients is 30%of the juice,left is water and essence,pigment what,blending out sweet and refreshing,color and beautiful,than the bitterness of pure fruit juice more flattering."
      For example,a bag of frozen dumplings with pork,or a piece of ham sausage."Pork dumplings in the pork is likely to be one of your illusion,with some additives of soybean protein and pork powder and so on,it is easy to make the'pork stuffing'cost than pork is much lower.And we are now on the market of the ham sausage,inside can have 50%is the meat is good,the rest can fill soy protein,and then essence to fill up the meat."Zhang revealed that he studied meat for many years,which is almost the industry of the ham sausage".
      Don't eat fast food,cook yourself,but you always have to put chicken?"Chicken is a compound food additive,not necessarily have relationship with the chicken.The Japanese invented the first increase to show the fresh flavor nucleotide disodium,chicken framework formulation is 40%of the salt,monosodium glutamate 35%,8%sugar,5%chicken extract,1.1%is flavor nucleotide disodium,the remaining is starch.Salt,MSG and sugar are very cheap things,chicken extract is protein,and even can be replaced by soy protein."
      Food additive is the soul of food industry
      It is understood that in 1992,China has no special food additives factory,food additives,food additives.Until 1996 the state promulgated the GB2760"food additive use of health standards",before the start of a large number of use.Until the end of the last century 90's,the additive has already started a lot of application in the food processing industry.
      Zhang said,when the first contact with food additives,really a bit of panic,feel the additive is a bit like poison".And now,he believes that food additives are the soul of the food industry."For example,the beverage industry,if there is no additive,we would not be able to drink juice,fruit milk and yogurt,but there is no bottled ice tea,ice tea.Additives have created a lot of new food and new food production technology for human beings."
      Fanzhigong gave food professional students conducted a survey on the application of pigment,the students were amazed to find,add pigment varieties of food is really too much.Strawberry sandwich biscuits medium root is no strawberries,but use edible red pigment dyed out;blueberry cake,of course,no blueberry is blue or Indigo pigment dyed.As for the fruit flavor,it is sugar,acid and flavor adjustment.
      Because of people's appearance quality,taste quality,convenience,save time and so on.