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    Experts say there is no food additives, there is no modern food industry

    2005/08/17 15:30
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      Since the melamine incident food additive events,many chinese dubbed from food in the completion of the professional learning of chemical,for a large number of consumers give up eating for fear of choking,to turn pale at the mention of additive agent for food,while some opponents of food additives,the argument is rampant,and even some of the strict in accordance with the provisions of the added related food additives products,has also been a great influence.Therefore,the net reporter specifically on this issue were interviewed Hunan Province Institute of food science and technology,Hunan Agricultural University College of food science and technology,Changsha Institute of Technology University College of food science and technology research institutions,experts and scholars,they agreed that there is no food additives,there is no modern food industry,to food additives a"clean".
      Single Yang researcher:food additives in the United States first
      Expert:Vice President and Research Fellow,Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Dr.,Ph.D.,postdoctoral,,managing director of the Chinese Institute of food science and technology,Hunan Provincial Institute of food science and technology director,Hunan Province Food Standardization Technical Committee Director
      "No food additives are not modern food industry!"Single Yang said that the world's food additive varieties are more than 25000,of which 80%are spices,commonly used additive varieties have more than 5000 kinds,the direct use of the category is about 3000-4000 species,and more common 600-1000 species.
      For many people believe that the United States of America's food and drug regulatory system is the most commendable that view,a single Yang said,in fact,the United States is precisely the world's largest food additive use,the use of the most varieties of the country,the United States has allowed direct use of more than 2300.FDA recently released a list of 2922 kinds of food additives,including 1755 kinds of management,the United States Food and chemical code listed in 1967 kinds of food additives,the use of food additives in Japan,the European Union allows the use of 1000-1500 species,China's food additives directory repeated changes,the current use of only 2171.
      "So,there is no any one country or a business or consumer would like we did today on food additives fear",single Yang said,the difference is,enterprises such as the United States will never exceed the scope,excessive use additives"because of the strict laws will make enterprises and entrepreneurs in the end could be disastrous".
      Xia Yanbin:rational use of food additives is the progress of science and technology
      Expert:Dean of the College of food science and technology,Hunan Agricultural University,Ph.D.,members of the Education Department of food science and Nutrition Education Steering Committee,Hunan Province Food Industry Federation vice president of Hunan Province Institute of food science and technology,vice chairman,in Canada and Australia training of Food Science
      "Food additives in food is a scientific and technological progress,and the use of food additives in food additives or other chemical products is the greatest harm to human beings".Xia Yanbin said that the international and domestic food additives have strict management procedures.Such as approval of a new food additive must carry out a variety of toxicological evaluation,when confirmed that it does not bring harm to the human body,in order to obtain approval and release of multiple departments of the state.There are five basic requirements for determining a food additive,the first one is that the additive does not produce any harm to the human body,and then it is not to cover up the food quality defects,not to reduce the nutritional value of food.So,can included in the use of the list of varieties of food additives,are in a long period of time after many experiments and"five off,cut to err on the side of caution,are strictly stipulated the use range and maximum usage of limited,if used in accordance with the provisions,the safety of food additives is guaranteed.
      "It can be said that the application of food additives is necessary."Xia Yanbin said that in the large-scale,modern food production,the correct use of food additives have 4 advantages:first,to increase food preservation performance,extend the shelf life,to prevent spoilage caused by microbial oxidation and caused by oxidation.Two is to improve the color and flavor of food and food texture,such as pigment,essence,a variety of spices,and emulsifier,three is conducive to food processing operations,to adapt to mechanization,continuous production.Such as the use of glucolactone as tofu coagulator;four is to maintain and improve food nutrition and health value.Such as dietary supplements,functional food factors etc..Therefore,there is no food additives,no modern food industry.
      Cheyenne Bin thinks,at present,the"melamine incident",is a mouse droppings bad a pot of soup,not food additives,but a kind of ignorance of the violations.In the last 10 years,there have been a lot of similar illegal events,the root cause lies in the fact that our country has no job requirements,lack of education and training in food safety issues,and the supervision of food quality and safety has not been any work foundation in the future.And these are not related to food additives.
      Professor Chen Qi:rational food additive can adjust the nutrition structure
      Background:Professor of food science and Technology College,Changsha University of Science and Technology,a well-known food expert,a long-term study of food additives
      Chen Qi said that food additives have many types,according to their sources can be divided into two major categories of natural and chemical synthesis;and if the purpose and use are